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I'm an aspiring actor, poker player/ coach, surf instructor for beginners and motivational speaker.

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

I've played 20 days, 26 sessions of poker since playing fulltime again.  The first two sharp drops in the graph are a function of running bad at higher stakes.  So thats ~44 hours worked which is $59 an hour plus RB.  Last night was the most painfull because I didn't come to work with my A game and I got slapped around.  Thats why this job isn't easy,  cause if you don't humble yourself every day your in for a reckonin.

" I believe hand reading to be a function of your mental / emotional state at the time more than anything else."
100k hands w.aHUD

I believe that with solid fundamentals the most important line in your graph is your red line (non-showdown winnings).  I tailor make my coaching for each student by analyzing the leaks in your game with regards to increasing your red line.

I'll be honest I was a bit scared after I quit my job,  because the hiring process for that company was so extensive, its voted one of the best places to work in Texas Monthly Magazine and it was good money gauranteed.  I went with what I thought would be best over the long term.