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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Walkin thru the devils lair, breathin the devils air, drinkin his sweat, eatin his swine
they gonna try and take your soul, but they damn sure aint taken mine!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Let me spit something pure,  they got a two million dollar bounty on Assata Shakur,  in the age of the sellout they love the banker bailout,  they know the first thirty picks of the draft,  but they don't know the NFL doesn't pay tax

  and they shot Martin in the back,  and Malcolm in the heart,  the back of Bobbys hair was burnt they said the shots came from the front

“we have nothing to gain from you being right about this,  if your right were not gonna make the film, if your wrong,  then we can go on and make films”
“humanity is ready for an evolutionary shift in thought”
David Crowley  Gray State

They are writing blanks checks to spend for war on the backs of future genertations,
the real heroes are the ones who expose the truth and refuse to fight foreign wars for  international corporations

Friday, August 23, 2013


How much does he love you?
If u want to know how much he loves you, Look at how many times he gets back up for you. Does he sulk and sorrow, Or every word is of morrow?

 His visions seen, That his hard work will fulfill your every dream, Does he love your ambition, thoughts and faults? Does he yearn to hear you talk?

When they spit in his face cause hes a minority race, When they jump him cause hes different and there jealous instincts tell them hes above them, when they try to sink his mindset into the pits of doom, does he continue to bloom, his face and soul still sore, does he talk about we still have to grow,

 Hes about to choke hes swallowed so much pride, but hes still standing outside, protective, stubborn man, hell never hide, he’d die before they touch his bride

 His every move is selective, he has this deep perspective, when he wants something like liberty hes so aggressive, the weight of the world on his shoulders, hes still true, he still bends down on one knee before you, when he looks you in the eyes, is he in love with you? Then don’t ask how much he loves you? You can tell by how many times he gets back up for you.

 Gets pulled over for speedin, 6up leaves him on the floor bleadin, Gets thrown in jail for no reason, his only words is

“ life without you has no meanin, your my passion, my heart, and all four seasons,you’re my star, my moon, my everyday, don’t believe a word they say”

 She replied,
“Damn the fraugulency,  like true Jesus you’re a radical to the plutocracy, building 7 defied the laws of physics,  Ima put this tale into lyrics,  your the sun that lights my skies you’re the fire in every patriots eyes, the ones that put you in here, they’ll never know you work tirelessly, its such irony, that you work so hard that they may be free.”

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Circled the world three times over

Missing you’s got my heart so ill, I love u I always have I always will, to them our lifes a fantasy,  our faith and devotion they’ll never comprehend, our loyalty and bond we’ll never bend, stop feeling animosity, its really jealousy, study some psychology and you’ll see that’s the strongest motivational factor that makes up their physiology

Brush that hate off your shoulder, beauty is in they eye of the beholder, dreamt I’d see u in 2009, black hair girl so fine, your passion drives me, your love inspires me, I circled the globe 3 times over looking for u, bonjour, como tele vu? I’m in Monaco looking for u, I feel like Marco Polo, I’m circling the world solo, then I met u, an hour turned into a day,  a day turned into a mid summer nights dream cheerfull into the unforeseen

Circled the world 3 times over lookin for u, stay true, stay alive, I promise I’ll find u! Wonder why I call u my love, flap your wings lets fly my dove, if I had one wish it woud be for u to fly with me, if I had 2 wishes it would be for u the spend the rest of your life with me

You’ll never have the fear to stand by the strength of your convictions, therefore I’ma love u forever that’s my prediction

Your black hair, long lashes, emotional crashes, your laugh, my other half, spent the last 48 hours with u but I still want more, wonder why I call u mi amor

I fell asleep at 5 in the morning,  alarm went off at 7:49, your the first thing on my mind before I get back on my grind, how could I work so hard in the dark,  how could I tear my self apart? I do it all for u sweetheart, kick back and take a breath, I’ma take care of u till the death, I’ma work harder than anyone that’s not a lie, come over you’re a sight for these sore eyes

2 intellectual minds combined, every unicorn u wanted to ride we’ll find, every snow covered castle, diamonds and gold no hassle, princess give me your hand, pick up your jaw, this is love, its just raw, lets shape it & mold it, come closer, let’s be one, lets hold it

 If they say love’s not real they’re your enemy, we control destiny, I’m getting older
but if I have to I’ll circle the world 3 times over


Jan 09

Sunday, October 21, 2012

"Pro" wrestling, porn and brutal MMA, but not online poker a game that involves thinking and restraint in the USA

Culture of narcissist Trump, pedophile chumps, and education system for the dumb,  they didnt teach us critical thinking,  cause corporations wanna keep the simpletons singing

Never about the long term or sustainability, revolving CEOs pay me, pay me!
Never about later generations, your daughters on pills, culture of porn n anal penetration

Far away from everyone, shadow boxing for years, only way to hold back the tears

It was always about the performance, ever since show and tell lacked the toy but had plenty of tell,
it was about being an entertainer, breakwater trainer, matrix penetrator, I wanted to be the hero, I always thought I was Neo, tortured to infinity, ridden wt trinity, back and forth between both worlds like Robin of Loxily, Harriet Tubman, I'm just a man, ridden for all of us, but I’m not the one, I’m Morpheus

Like Patrick Henry, Thomas Payne, pain and still pain Mauzy Keshavarzi is my name, I’m an actor, please don’t be impressed, there really ain't shit to it, you just ain't hip to it, corporate media shills wt no skills trick out the art just to pay the bills, mindless drones, sellouts and pawns are the only ones that get microphones

Good ol boys just tryin to chill on country roads,  just tryin to ride our waves bro, then buildings turned into dust from planes yo! 

Bye bye to the American dream,  theres no justice being served here as far as I’ve seen,  them good ol boys are gettin pepper sprayed in the eye,  this’ll be the day that I die,  this’ll be the day that I die
In the streets the children screamed,  lovers cried,  and the poets dreamed,  whats goin on in Greece and Spain,  Chris Hedges predicts will happen from Cali to Maine

“Dissent is the highest form of patriotism” Thomas Jefferson

And the three men I admire most, reason why I sing, Dr King, dissent silenced at the corporate claw, JFK, American coup de tat, Give them the fruits of their labor, GWashintons traitor, liberty hater,   Constitution see you later,

So come on, Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, shot like a dog in the streets, cause fire is the devils only friend

Soldier told me “for ten years now we’ve been on our own, I’ll stay, but bring the rest of em home”, When our boys are over there dieng, fat pigs in DC are lien, predatory capitalist beast, get your filthy claws out the middle east,

September made me cry, the way it passed by, lie after lie, to take profits ski high, at the cost of the little guy

Bye bye to the American dream, theres no justice being served here as far as I’ve seen, them good ol boys are gettin pepper sprayed in the eye, this’ll be the day that I die, this’ll be the day that I die

300 Ben Affleck, argo, propaganda lies, students hit the embassy cause it was the “den of spies” when bitch ass Kermit ousted Dr.Mossadegh, and Iranian people have suffered for 60 years since

the Iranian people love Americans, but if they get bombed their young will look at you and multinational corporations as the same

A traitor is one who takes the direction of war, and now Iran, if you didn’t know were already losing the one in Afghanistan

Monday, August 27, 2012

With a gun they can rob a bank,  with a bank they can rob a country.
Come and take it from me, 6up left me tazed, bleedin, stitches and bandages,  Google wont translate the African languages,  cause she would scream “they took your mom threw her in a cage and dragged her here, you sitten around drinken their beer, as they continue to rape and murder us”
you know the first 30 picks of the draft,  yet not who shot Martin in the back,  or Malcolm,  next was Bobby,  so skinny, couldn’t sleep,  as a true Attorney General he brought the fucken heat!  Ever was an enemy who shot President John F Kennedy?  It was the profiteers, cause he had no fear, that’s the story they don’t want you to hold dear. 
Pac said it wouldn’t be LA without Mexicans, fuck you corporations,  you makin profit from putting brothers in jail,  Pac made fun of welfare,  cause in Africa theres hell there!  Wonda why they call you bitch!  Its like your mind don’t un der stand,  you don’t have to kill your dreams plottin schemes on a man!  They divide and conquer,  with no honor, pointed fingers at each other,  noose around your father.
Divide and conquer is the oldest hustle in the game, they want you trippen on Trayvons as they bleed everyone with tax hayvons, 
Bitch made,  they still runnin slave trade,  worship Nike Swhoosh,  made by child slaves,  Phil Knight CEO- forget your history negro!
For thousands of years slavery was spread,  lied said they needed to be civilized,
 To this day they spread slavery,  to this day they lie! George Bush Pedophile, breath musky,  buyin kids from Sandusky,  please listen kindren,  they pimpen your children,  Mark Burndt,  the story hurt, 
Just cause its not your child doesn’t mean its not your child,
I fell off the edge, I went wild,  at least I know I fought for your child

Friday, June 1, 2012

In 1980 there was less then 400 lobbyist in DC,  by 2009 there were over 35,000

In 1980 50 corporations owned main stream press,  now its only six

In 1980 CEOs got paid at a ratio of 42 to 1 what their workers got.......by 2010 they got paid 325 to 1 more then their workers.

Friday, May 18, 2012

What this newly created money does is redistribute wealth to those who receive it first. Those lucky enough to receive the dollars first are able to spend them at face value. Those who receive them later do not benefit as prices have already risen in response to the increased supply of money.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Offshore banking is the Real World,  as they keep the people distracted, scared and confused a globalized financial system enables corporations and the ubber rich to operate beyond authority.  The consequence to this uneven access to tax avoidance is austerity to you!  The corrupt media omission -one half of the world trade passes via "tax havens"  that's a trillion dollars a day!  - John Christensen

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

In poker and in life the decisions you make now will be the person you will become. Everytime you make a decision, you choose the person you will become. Your graph is you.

Mind over matter, brush off what they say it dont too much matter,
What if matter was in the form of their mind, would you fight it
or would you take form
cause in the long run humanity prevails,
not cause you tried or that it matter,
but its obvious that you conqured mind over matter

Fear is an illusion
Fear mongering is an intrusion
What they can't stop is transparency
but you settle for complacency

Where you at now, you said you'd fend for her?
When our country is under attack we are all CIA

John Perkins on You Tube

"The CIA is being used to enrich multinational corporations and impoverish the people" former agent

I will support and defend my country against all enemies foreign and domestic

Sam Cooke,  Chip Tatum, JFK JR, Tupac Shakur, Omar Torrijos, Salvador Allende, Malcolm X, Jacobo Arbenz Guzman, Mohammad Mossadegh, Medgar Evers, Patrice Lumumba, Jaime Roldos, Dr. David Kelly,  Barry Jennings, Martin Luther King Jr, Fred Hampton, Bobby Kennedy, Huey P. Newton, Yitzhak Rabin, Jon Lennon and the list goes on....and on

and on