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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Let me spit something pure,  they got a two million dollar bounty on Assata Shakur,  in the age of the sellout they love the banker bailout,  they know the first thirty picks of the draft,  but they don't know the NFL doesn't pay tax

  and they shot Martin in the back,  and Malcolm in the heart,  the back of Bobbys hair was burnt they said the shots came from the front

“we have nothing to gain from you being right about this,  if your right were not gonna make the film, if your wrong,  then we can go on and make films”
“humanity is ready for an evolutionary shift in thought”
David Crowley  Gray State

They are writing blanks checks to spend for war on the backs of future genertations,
the real heroes are the ones who expose the truth and refuse to fight foreign wars for  international corporations