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Monday, August 27, 2012

Come and take it from me, 6up left me tazed, bleedin, stitches and bandages,  Google wont translate the African languages,  cause she would scream “they took your mom threw her in a cage and dragged her here, you sitten around drinken their beer, as they continue to rape and murder us”
you know the first 30 picks of the draft,  yet not who shot Martin in the back,  or Malcolm,  next was Bobby,  so skinny, couldn’t sleep,  as a true Attorney General he brought the fucken heat!  Ever was an enemy who shot President John F Kennedy?  It was the profiteers, cause he had no fear, that’s the story they don’t want you to hold dear. 
Pac said it wouldn’t be LA without Mexicans, fuck you corporations,  you makin profit from putting brothers in jail,  Pac made fun of welfare,  cause in Africa theres hell there!  Wonda why they call you bitch!  Its like your mind don’t un der stand,  you don’t have to kill your dreams plottin schemes on a man!  They divide and conquer,  with no honor, pointed fingers at each other,  noose around your father.
Divide and conquer is the oldest hustle in the game, they want you trippen on Trayvons as they bleed everyone with tax hayvons, 
Bitch made,  they still runnin slave trade,  worship Nike Swhoosh,  made by child slaves,  Phil Knight CEO- forget your history negro!
For thousands of years slavery was spread,  lied said they needed to be civilized,
 To this day they spread slavery,  to this day they lie! George Bush Pedophile, breath musky,  buyin kids from Sandusky,  please listen kindren,  they pimpen your children,  Mark Burndt,  the story hurt, 
Just cause its not your child doesn’t mean its not your child,
I fell off the edge, I went wild,  at least I know I fought for your child