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Sunday, October 21, 2012

"Pro" wrestling, porn and brutal MMA, but not online poker a game that involves thinking and restraint in the USA

Culture of narcissist Trump, pedophile chumps, and education system for the dumb,  they didnt teach us critical thinking,  cause corporations wanna keep the simpletons singing

Never about the long term or sustainability, revolving CEOs pay me, pay me!
Never about later generations, your daughters on pills, culture of porn n anal penetration

Far away from everyone, shadow boxing for years, only way to hold back the tears

It was always about the performance, ever since show and tell lacked the toy but had plenty of tell,
it was about being an entertainer, breakwater trainer, matrix penetrator, I wanted to be the hero, I always thought I was Neo, tortured to infinity, ridden wt trinity, back and forth between both worlds like Robin of Loxily, Harriet Tubman, I'm just a man, ridden for all of us, but I’m not the one, I’m Morpheus

Like Patrick Henry, Thomas Payne, pain and still pain Mauzy Keshavarzi is my name, I’m an actor, please don’t be impressed, there really ain't shit to it, you just ain't hip to it, corporate media shills wt no skills trick out the art just to pay the bills, mindless drones, sellouts and pawns are the only ones that get microphones

Good ol boys just tryin to chill on country roads,  just tryin to ride our waves bro, then buildings turned into dust from planes yo! 

Bye bye to the American dream,  theres no justice being served here as far as I’ve seen,  them good ol boys are gettin pepper sprayed in the eye,  this’ll be the day that I die,  this’ll be the day that I die
In the streets the children screamed,  lovers cried,  and the poets dreamed,  whats goin on in Greece and Spain,  Chris Hedges predicts will happen from Cali to Maine

“Dissent is the highest form of patriotism” Thomas Jefferson

And the three men I admire most, reason why I sing, Dr King, dissent silenced at the corporate claw, JFK, American coup de tat, Give them the fruits of their labor, GWashintons traitor, liberty hater,   Constitution see you later,

So come on, Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, shot like a dog in the streets, cause fire is the devils only friend

Soldier told me “for ten years now we’ve been on our own, I’ll stay, but bring the rest of em home”, When our boys are over there dieng, fat pigs in DC are lien, predatory capitalist beast, get your filthy claws out the middle east,

September made me cry, the way it passed by, lie after lie, to take profits ski high, at the cost of the little guy

Bye bye to the American dream, theres no justice being served here as far as I’ve seen, them good ol boys are gettin pepper sprayed in the eye, this’ll be the day that I die, this’ll be the day that I die

300 Ben Affleck, argo, propaganda lies, students hit the embassy cause it was the “den of spies” when bitch ass Kermit ousted Dr.Mossadegh, and Iranian people have suffered for 60 years since

the Iranian people love Americans, but if they get bombed their young will look at you and multinational corporations as the same

A traitor is one who takes the direction of war, and now Iran, if you didn’t know were already losing the one in Afghanistan