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Thursday, June 30, 2011

You were surprised that I could fall so hard,  I can fall harder, 
My loves deep,  shocking how far it goes,  recognize how much your last boyfriend blows
I look into your eyes I know you make me whole,
When you look at me that way,  I wonder if the eyes are the windows to the soul

Your just a little baby,
and I'm just a little crazy,
To have such standard of love,  I can fall harder,
My heart beats to the sound of your happiness.

When they walk into your elegant home they know you're the queen,
all the troubles of the world but  nothing will come between,

I fell so hard,  I felt so stupid,
I'm just a romantic, dreamin of a fairy tale
To this day I get excited every time I get an email,
but it's never you, 
they young lady I never knew

Every time I see something beautifull I miss you,
every time I see something beautifull its you.