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Sunday, September 26, 2010

President Obama spoke at the UN about Iran with regards to human rights this week,
"Freedom, Justice and peace for the world must begin with freedom, justice and peace in the lives of individual human beings, for the U.S. this is a matter of moral and pragmatic necessity"
I think politicians should mention morality more often.  Your life will manifest into the things you think, speak and want,  morality and integrity should be that.

Often times young people don't think prudently,  time and time again they achieve miracles.  Every year the Iranian government has days to propagandistically hate Israel,  and on those days young people in Iran are willing to risk their lives to shout opposition slogans such as "Obama either your with us or your with them".  History shows it was the Persians that freed the Jews from the Babylonians and Iranian diplomats in Europe saved thousands of Jews front the Holocaust.  One of the things that if nothing else gives the young freedom fighters of Iran hope is they are making history.