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Sunday, August 29, 2010

I had plans to get out and meet people on Friday,   but hours flew by cause I couldn't put this book down.  Too many good quotes,  thats obv why the book is titled Wisdom: From Philosophy to Neuroscience

"The most manifest sign of wisdom is continual cheerfulness, optimism about the future, the theory is backed by neuroscientists."

"Thinking about wisdom forces you to think about the way you lead your life"

"In moments of exceptional challenge and uncertainty, we tend to ask, How did this happen?  What could we have done to prevent this dire turn of events? This is another way of saying, I realize now, that we are always searching for wisdom, but all too often we are looking for it in the rear view mirror"

"A few years ago,  psychologist conducted a study in which they asked subjects to nominate people who struck them as especially wise,  startling facts leap out from the list, its dark message about the inherent threat posed by insistently wise behavior, the figures we now celebrate for their wisdom often had a deeply adversarial relationship with the prevailing values of the the societies in which they lived,  they often told society what it doesn't want to hear; many were ostracized others were executed outright or assassinated"

"Altruism is a true gage of morality"

Some of the questions that often go through my head are,  did I do everything I could do,  did I do everything within my power?  Only god can judge cause I was usually isolated pushing myself to the brink of what science dictates a man is capable of.  To live your life saying "what if" or knowing deep down that you didn't push the limits of your comfort zone,  you didn't dig till the well was empty,  then you didn't dare to dream, you may as well not have lived.